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Coming Friday, October 13th 2023

Book Launch

October 13, 2023

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Image by Elti Meshau

"I think someone followed me home from work last night." 

Marnie Adams has spent ten years running from an abusive stepfather and a faith that betrayed her. Finally in a healthy place, she's devoted her life to helping others heal from trauma as a therapist. But when she becomes the sole object of an obsessive stalker's attention, her perfectly crafted life crumbles. She knows someone is watching her, but no one believes her, not even her closest friend.


As the threat escalates, Marnie is haunted by vivid nightmares, forcing her to lose her grip on reality and putting her job in jeopardy. Only when devastating news about a client collides with the darkness hounding her does Marnie realize she has become the target of demonic forces.


Can Marnie face her past and find the strength to survive, or will the darkness swallow her whole? 


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Wyeth Doty


A brand new Christian thriller author enters the chat. Too Christian for her unsaved friends, and not Christian enough for her church friends. Learn more about what sets Wyeth apart & gives her writing an edge.

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